24 hours in Bangkok

Made it! After a very early start and 2 delayed flights, it was time to relax and get an early night. IMG_7029
The next day, after a much needed sleep, it was time to go for a bit of a wander. I walked from my accommodation to Wat Pho which was easy to get to. The temple is huge and so full of colour – it was very different to other temples I had been to. There were a lot of people so it became quite crowded, especially in the temple where the reclining big Buddha is. It is covered in gold and is 15 metres tall and 46 metres long. In the temple, you can purchase a little bowl of coins and put them into 108 bowls which line the side of the wall. 107 is meant to be a lucky number so your wishes should come true if you do this. The murals on the walls are all very colourful and detailed too. 2017-07-IMG_70422017-07-IMG_7044IMG_7054IMG_7058IMG_7059IMG_7076IMG_7083
I then walked down the road to the Grand Palace. This has been the home of the Kings since the late 18th century, and was the centre of power for 150 years. I had to go through a security check which required showing ID. I noticed a lot of people, mainly women, dressed in black waiting in a long queue. I asked someone why this was the case, and they said that it was a day of mourning for the King, who had been popular and had died last year. His remains are in the convent there. I was turned away from entering initially, as my shorts (even though knee length) were not long enough. I ended up having to buy some of those long patterned light trousers (for a couple of quid) – you know, the typical ones you see a lot of tourists wearing. It was so hot so it wasn’t a completely comfortable experience. IMG_7115IMG_7116IMG_7132IMG_7133IMG_7135IMG_7138IMG_7149The Grand Palace complex is huge, but you can only visit certain parts as a tourist. The temple of the Emerald Buddha was amazing. It was ornate and originates from the 14th century. The wall paintings behind it have never been repainted either. Another walk and I found myself on Khaosan Rd – I had a bit of a nosy around. Couldn’t believe it when I saw a Boots! Ironically, it was only when I had returned to my accommodation that there had been stuff I needed from Boots. Oh well! A long day complete! Another border crossing tomorrow!


One thought on “24 hours in Bangkok

  1. Lovely pics Lex the Buddahs were fantastic. We visited when It was the Chinese New Year and The king came to pray at The emerald Buddah Dave and I unaware sat down on steps covered in a red carpet which had been put down for Kings visit. Ha ha army officers came and moved us on.
    Take care Jill

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