Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni and the deserts

3 days of stunning scenery and 12 hours in 4X4s gave me an amazing experience I’ll never forget. The contrast in the countryside was immense, and gave me a lot of pause for thought. You could drive forever without seeing any living creature – maybe the odd llama or alpaca. The salt flats were a prehistoric lake which dried up and left the salt along with some coral and cacti. We were lucky to have expert drivers who knew exactly where they were going – the Dakar car rally used to take place on the flats every year but had to be stopped as too many drivers got lost and died, sadly. IMG_2843IMG_2844IMG_2845IMG_2856IMG_2857IMG_2865IMG_2866IMG_2874IMG_2881IMG_2887IMG_2889IMG_2893Climbed onto one of the coral islands (called Incahuasi island) and had a great view from the top. Also did the obligatory photos that everyone does – we even made a little film!Accommodation on the first night was salt beds in a little community called Agencha. And the floors were also salt. This was to help insulation as it was a lot warmer inside than out, and the granules on the floor (although a little tricky to walk on bare foot), did provide good exfoliation for the feet – always looking at the positive!IMG_2899IMG_2908IMG_2918IMG_2920IMG_2934IMG_2935IMG_2939IMG_2948IMG_2949Then off to the desert which was another spectacle in itself. Visited a lot of different places and increased the altitude – got up to 4600m eventually I think. Felt a bit odd on the second night but recovered fairly quickly. There was an abandoned train line – you were surrounded by volcanoes, some still active and shared with Chile – we were at the south of Bolivia at this point. We were taken to a ‘coral army’ as the coral looks like it is standing to attention.The contrast in scenery was amazing. There were deserts, lagoons, salt flats, mountains and flamingos….there was always something to look at so it didn’t seem that the time spent sitting in a 4X4 was too long. Occasionally, the roads were a bit bumpy. But I didn’t let the sore bum get me down!There was also an option to get into some hot springs which I took advantage of as it was freezing in the morning! Also saw ‘The Lost City’ called Qatal and other spectacles. IMG_2964IMG_2972IMG_2975IMG_2979IMG_2983IMG_2995IMG_3006IMG_3013IMG_3014IMG_3032IMG_3049IMG_3056This was a train cemetery which housed trains which were 100 years old. IMG_2800IMG_2803IMG_2807IMG_2813


One thought on “Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni and the deserts

  1. Dear Lex another interesting instalment in your adventures. I love the pictures they are a total contrast to Machu Pichu. The salt flats must have been wonderful to see and sleep on! Loved the pictures of the bottles.
    Take care Jill

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