Cusco & a smidgen of The Amazon

After the epic trek and some much needed sleep, it was time to head to Cusco and spend a day or 2 there. The main square is stunning and full of colonial architecture. It was the capital of the Incan Empire until the Spanish conquest in the early 16th Century. Visits to the Cathedral and the Dominican Priory, as well as the Church of the Society of Jesus and the Inca Museum made for a busy and inspired day.  The Dominican Priory was built on old Inca stones – it was odd to see the contrast between the two ages. An earthquake in 1950 exposed the original architecture after some of the colonial work was damaged.IMG_2576IMG_2227IMG_2568IMG_2577IMG_2606IMG_2578IMG_2590Went to another Monestary which was 16th century and had lovely old frescos. It’s started to rain so was a good opportunity to get inside.

It was quite a long day in the end! And managed to sort some laundry out which was amazing. Went out for a great dinner where we made our own Pisco Sours. I, unfortunately and without realising, volunteered to drink a shot of neat Pisco – this is not recommended unless you are in need of a ‘pick-me-up’. I had visited Pisco en route to Nazca and had visited a local vineyard which made the wine and the spirit. We got to sample a few of the wines and see how it was all made.IMG_2617IMG_2618
Then off to bed! It was an early start the next morning to get an internal flight to the Amazon. Unfortunately, the flight got cancelled due to a fault with the plane, but the airline put us up in a 4* hotel for the night so I didn’t complain too badly! I was able to get a 1 hr full body massage as well which did my poor quads a favour as they were still quite sore. That evening, I had a massive headache for some reason – I think it was due to just exhaustion and a bit of dehydration but wasn’t too worried. Enjoyed sleeping in a luxurious bed!

The next day was another attempt to get the same flight to the Amazon – so it was only a 1 night stay instead of a 2 night but was definitely worth it. Wandering through the jungle in wellies trying to spot some exciting wildlife was fun, and we learnt a lot about the different plants.IMG_2624IMG_2628IMG_2644IMG_2646IMG_2651IMG_2654IMG_2657IMG_2673


One thought on “Cusco & a smidgen of The Amazon

  1. Thanks for latest up Dave and I really look forward to following your continuing adventure. The pictures are amazing I love the dung beetle. Buy a hat and dink lots of water.
    Take care Jill

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