Lake Titicaca and the floating islands/homestay experience (again!)

Being the tired tit that I am, I accidentally deleted my previous post **rolls eyes**, so here I am rewriting it.
So, after a 7 hour coach journey with a punctured tyre, we arrived in Puno which is a town on the edge of Lake Titicaca. We witnessed the most amazing procession through the town in the evening as it was the start of the Easter festivities. IMG_0899IMG_0900IMG_2064IMG_2069Lake Titicaca is the highest lake in the world – half of it is in Peru and half in Bolivia. It sits at 3810m above sea level.  Some parts are shallow and some are deep. The clouds look as though they are almost touching the water. IMG_2209IMG_2092IMG_2105There are floating islands on the lake which are mainly made out of reeds. They grow in the shallow parts of the lake. The reeds are also eaten. A reed is cut and pulled out of the lake and the stem is peeled black like a banana skin.

The floating islands have the ability to up and move when ever they want – the islands are ‘anchored’ using a large stick which is planted heavily into a shallow section. The inhabitants make their living out of fishing – there are 5 different types of fish. The fish gets traded in Puno. IMG_2114IMG_2119IMG_2123IMG_2149Went to island called Taquile for a practice walk. We climbed to the top and it was so steep – got quite out of breath quickly which surprised me! The altitude is still something to get used to. Had a wonderful trout lunch – freshly grilled. Picked up a hat in the market place. IMG_2155IMG_2157IMG_2164IMG_2168IMG_2169IMG_2159IMG_2160IMG_2161IMG_2162IMG_2171Then got a boat to another island where we would be staying in the homes of the locals for a night and helping them out with their daily chores. It was an amazing experience. We played a football game and did some Peruvian dancing – I’m not convinced that I suited the costume very well! Bianca and I helped to make bread, manage some sheep and gather some food for the cows. This required picking a load of crops and carrying it up a hill which was tiring! The family were amazingly hospitable and it is great fun to see how you can get along without speaking the same language. It was a constant game of charades. I felt very humbled. The people are happy and content with what they have – a lesson for us all to learn I think! I’m definitely going to be appreciating what I have from now on.IMG_2173IMG_2182IMG_2202IMG_2188IMG_2189_Copy(1)IMG_2193_Copy(1)IMG_2195IMG_2201


3 thoughts on “Lake Titicaca and the floating islands/homestay experience (again!)

  1. So pleased you rewrote it as there are some wonderful new photos. The buildings and scenery are so different and beautiful. So enjoying your blogs!


  2. Dave and I continue to enjoy your informative travel blog. The pictures are amazing. It is truly humbling to learn about how other cultures live. The accomadation in people’s homes truely gives you that insight. We can’t wait for your next journey. Lots of love Stay safe Xx


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