Day 1 – the beginning of #lexit

Woke up confused and realising that my life will now be different. Here I am sitting in Gatwick ready to board a flight to Lima (delayed however 🙄) and I’ve just realised how much it has taken for me to get here – all the hard work and planning has finally come to fruition. In this one particular moment, I’ve felt excitement, relief, anticipation of what lies ahead, nervousness (only natural and a positive thing), happiness and that feeling that you think you’ve not done something or left something behind. It’s very surreal. But I’m looking forward and upwards and not focusing on what I’ve left behind. I know I can do this and I’m sure there will be moments along the way that will catch me out but I say “Bring it On!”  Right – I should check the plane status situation – it would probably be a good idea if I got on it first!2017-04-IMG_1369


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