Two weeks to go!

In just over two weeks, I’ll be getting on a plane to Lima. A very daunting thought! Everything has come around unbelievably quickly and I’m not feeling as prepared as I should be.

Malaria tablets √
Jabs √
Visas √
Copying documents √
Making sure parents are ok √
Having a party √

The list continues…

I have got most things organised which is good. I’m really looking forward to Japan – I was able to look at a few other blogs of other travellers and some were able to see a lot in the time frame that I’m going. The town of Koyasan looks fascinating and I’ll be staying here.

Doing a fair amount of research has been amazingly helpful, and I in turn would like to be able to share my experiences so that others can do the same.

Hope to be able to trend #lexit on the way too! Hardly an in or out referendum…more of an in and out crazy time!


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