New Year in Bruges

Bruges was a lovely city full of character – especially in the fog and cold! The cobbled streets wove around the medieval city which was surrounded by canals. Warming up with gluhwein at the Christmas market helped to ease the pain of the brutal wind. It definitely felt more like winter – and so it should at this time of year!


Unfortunately, an hour long cold wait to climb to the top of the bell tower proved to be a slight disappointment, as nothing could be seen of the city through the fog – maybe a return trip in the summer is required! It is good to remember to be careful while going down the steep stairs at the top though – I came home with a couple of bruises on sensitive parts of the body! Slow and steady does it….

Could have done with another day or two to look at a few more places, as a lot seemed to be closed – maybe something to do with the time of year? Some of the churches are meant to be lovely inside, and a bit more time would be required to sample more of the many strong beers on offer!


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