It’s been a while….but here I come, life!

Sooo…after a long time, I’ve finally got back to organising my  life a little after a difficult few months.

And it’s beginning with going back to the trip. I need a distraction anyway!


I discovered Trello while reading a very informative backpacking blog called Almost Landing. This appears to be a good way of collating useful information together for planning purposes, as well as being easy to use. Only 7 months to go now, and I’m still feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole thing. Hopefully, this will help to sort my brain out and have all the relevant information in their allocated spaces.

Reading blogs has been immensely helpful. A ex-work colleague of mine did a similar thing a couple of years ago so talking to her has given me a positive vibe. Topics range from things such as how to get from place to place, to where to go and eat or which temple to visit – obviously adding all these ideas to my newly formed Trello organiser..!

Also in the process of doing up the flat a little in preparation for renting it out. It all sounds very grown up and I don’t think I exactly know what I’m doing, but it’ll be ok in the end. I know what needs to be done but there’s always something else that crops up. Looking up ideas on what sort of shower screen I can buy to fit over the bath – sounds inspired! Fingers crossed, it won’t be too expensive! Don’t want it to eat too much into the travelling savings!

From now on, I hope to be blogging a lot more. Hoping to be more determined to succeed with it, and celebrate being young and free in the 21st century. As well as being overweight (AGAIN!), adjusting to being alone (but not lonely) and looking forward to whatever the future may bring. Yep, need to get back on the bike……


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