1st October: new month and ever more determined to succeed

Right. This has to be it. A new start. Something I need to do. I’ve spent the past few months wallowing in self pity, bad food & alcohol (and lots of both!), working lots of overtime and not really taking control. I’ve not been happy and have put on weight. 

Only 7 months to go until I leave and I want to be prepared for it both mentally and physically, which means being focused on looking ahead and organising myself. I need to have the discipline to do it and I know I’m capable. So no more of the ‘fingers crossed I nope this works this time’ attitude. Staying strong and realising it’s ok to say ‘NO’ is key. 

I’ve been really looking into re doing my bathrooms in my flat. Something I’ve been putting off for a while and I need to get done so I can rent it out whilst I’m away. I will get on my bike tomorrow afternoon and do a few laps of Richmond Park before work which I used to really enjoy doing. The weather looks good. Progress already! 


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