Exciting tales of adventures!

Last night I visited the Royal Geographical Society in London to hear a series of Microlectures given by 6 or 7 young people who had been on an ‘adventure’ in the last couple of years. Even though each speaker only had 10 minutes, their stories were inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the ones about India and Bolivia as they illustrated that anything is possible if somethings don’t exactly go to plan, or you don’t have a specific plan in the first place – this filled me with some confidence. I wished I had heard them speak more or had the opportunity to ask more questions. But I guess that’s what Twitter can be for if you can hunt them down!

One of the answers given by the Bolivia trip speaker to a question about getting lost was “If you don’t have a map, how can you get lost?”. Too true! All he knew was that he was walking from East to West India and had 2 months to do it. He lived on £1.50 a day and had great stories about things like sleeping on top of a bus shelter to avoid the big animals that had been in the area the night before.

Maybe I’ll have a go at speaking at the same lecture when I return from my travels….? They mentioned auditions last night for the same event next year I’ve never been good at public speaking, but things could change? Who knows!

Check out #rgsibgmicros on Twitter.


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