North America planning development

So I’ll be flying into LA from Mexico in early June next year and potentially spending the whole month in the States. I want to do LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas (maybe only for a day or two), Seattle and end up in Vancouver to fly from there to Tokyo. A week or two doing LA, SF, Vegas should be plenty? Then another week/ten days travelling and doing the rest? I’m not totally sure. Maybe three weeks would do it?

I’ve just realised I can probably go and see the Grand Canyon while in Vegas – You can get a bus there and back in a couple of hours. It seems silly to travel all that way and not do some sort of day trip.

I think I can travel to most places by train up the coast – if you book it in advance, it doesn’t look too expensive either. I think I definitely will have to invest in a Kindle as I doubt I’d be able to take my hundreds of books with me and will need something to keep me occupied during the apparent 24hr train journey between San Francisco and Seattle! The iPad will have to be saved for photos and other things I reckon.

It’s a part of the world that I know nothing about! Los Angeles screams Hollywood, fame, money and movies whereas San Francisco shouts more of a trendy vibe. I get the impression that there’s a lot of money in Vegas which is why I don’t intend on staying there too long….!!

There is a lot more researching to do for this bit! But there are a couple of things that definitely have to be seen:


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