So Bali for Christmas, huh?

Soooo….it looks as though I’m going to be spending Christmas 2017 in Bali! I might even treat myself if I can afford it and spend a few days in a fancy hotel or something crazy! Most of what I’ve read about spending Christmas in Bali has been primarily aimed at families.

On Trip Advisor, I’ve discovered others that have done the same thing which has made me feel more confident. It looks as though I could post something on the website to see if anyone else would be around at the same time. It would be nice to have some company!


Seminyak and Ubud are definitely places I want to visit. The Besakih Temple also looks amazing. I was thinking about going from Singapore overland to Bali. It can be done I believe (Rat & Dragon blog). It means I could really have a tour of Indonesia – stopping off in Jakarta etc. I think it would only take about 2-3 days to do the complete journey, so stopping off at places like Bandung and Surabaya will be a great way to break it up. I think I’ll have to be conscious of how much time I’m spending in each place – there’s so much to see in the world!

I think I’ll have about 2 weeks to travel from Singapore to Bali and back again. I might overland it down and then fly back up depending on how much it will cost to fly. I would only do it one way anyway.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Borobodur either! But not sure whether I’d be able to do everything! Sigh…more research needed I think!



Ireland and the Cliffs of Moher!

img_9537I was lucky enough to go to County Clare in Ireland over the weekend. Even though the weather was bleak and I almost got literally blown over on several occasions, the landscape was stunning. The grass was so much greener and the rolling hills looked as though they were a knitted quilt when we were surveying the countryside from the top of a hill.

The Cliffs of Moher were incredible.  The gusts of wind almost blew me off them, but hey! I got a real sense of how strong Mother Nature is – definitely not a force to be reckoned with! Returned back to London with a real sense of being alive! I will go back for sure….except possibly during the summer…