Deposit down!

Just like it says on the tin. I’ve finally committed myself (and my credit card. Thank you John Lewis) to this year away. For a mere £400(!), I’ve paid the deposit on my MultiFlex pass which is all the long haul flights, as well as two tours. The MultiFlex pass allows me to be flexible with dates; even when travelling, as long as notice is given.

My route still keeps on changing however…Gahhh!! I keep on hearing things such as “Ooo you should go to X! It’s totes amazeballs!!” and “X is definitely worth a look”. So many places to add to the ongoing list! I have to accept that I can’t do everything in the world in a year, so I might have to be a bit brutal with a cut down.

One tour is the Peruvian one which I mentioned in my last post and it includes everything I want to do. Hopefully some friends will come and join me doing it as the Inca Trail is on some of their ‘To-do’ lists.

I also decided to go for the Burma (or Myanmar) on a Shoestring trip purely because it will be easier to get around and it might be a bit safer. The itinerary looks interesting, as I don’t know much about the country, and a few of the options sound appealing – especially the cycling  ones! It’ll give me a chance to get back on the bike.

The third tour (the one in India) is not currently available to book for 2018. I know it’s a little in advance, but Feb 2018 is when I was planning on going to India. The itinerary sounds great and 20 days is a decent amount of time too.

I’ve got an spanner in the works though – not long ago, a good friend of mine FINALLY set a date for her wedding after a long engagement. Guess what. It’s the month after I leave the bloody country! Not sure whether to come back for the wedding which could cost me a bit more money (I think about £750 as a separate trip) and a week or so in time (to accommodate for jet lag) or to delay my year away until the start of June. I can be flexible with dates from the agency point of view, and I’m sure work would not mind if I delayed by a few months – it’s not like i’m not giving them enough notice..?

April worked out so well as a good month to leave – for Tax reasons, and work appraisals are all done by then, so I don’t think I would have to worry too much about work too much. I’m not really sure what to do yet. It would be a shame to miss the wedding, but I’m sure I’ll miss a lot more exciting happenings when I’m away. I’ll have to have a good think about it!

To be contd…..


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