Cycling again!

Yes. I’ll be doing a lot more of this soon. I say soon. I mean from June. But that’s fairly soon I think comparatively speaking – I’m not quite sure where last year went..!

I’m doing the long route (103 miles) of the London Cycle Sportive in June. It’ll be close to a year since I did my first ever event which was the 25 mile version of the same ride. I remember being incredibly nervous and not sure what I was letting myself in for as I had only really started cycling (or doing any form of exercise at all) 6 months prior. It was an amazing feeling to end in the Herne Hill Velodrome and it gave me confidence that I could do some sort of physical competition, having never been good at any exercise before.

I’ve also entered into the ballot for the London-Surrey 100 at the end of June which I really want to do! I think I hear fairly soon as to whether I have a place. If not, I might try and get a charity one but I’m not sure how much I would be able to fundraise, as I did a fair amount last year.

I did my first long ride in 3 months yesterday – can’t believe I left it that long. You can only make so many excuses so often e.g. the weather was bad/the holiday period etc. I still did 60 miles and did Box Hill again and I really enjoyed the challenge and the long climbs. I definitely need to have more goals to keep me on the straight and narrow! It really helps having something to work towards, and I do need to lose a bit more weight – I’ve been stuffing my face full of rubbish and I know it 😦 bad times.

60 miles

A new road bike (yikes, more money!) is definitely required. I’m still on my chunky hybrid, and even though I’m getting good speeds and distances, I know I could do a lot better. Hello credit card?


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