‘Tis the season…

…to be jolly!

The holiday season is now upon us. Lots of socialising has distracted me from travel research, but this will happen again after 1st January.

I’ve eaten and drunk my weight in bad things which mostly contain sugar, which definitely means that I’ll be back on the diet in the New Year too. Boooring! I’ve not really been cycling either – uh oh!

I have been looking into various volunteering options when abroad. I want to do something with elephants I believe, but it can be quite costly just for a week e.g. up to ยฃ400?? If I organised it independently, it could be a bit cheaper.

Working night shifts through Christmas could provide some all important research time…!


Researching the route…for a year abroad!

I should probably mention that I am planning on taking a career break and travel the world for a year when I turn 30! And yes, doing it entirely on my own. It’s a bit daunting, and I have no doubt that I have terrified the life out of my parents, but it’s something that needs to be done before an opportunity is missed.

I’m having great fun researching trips withย STA. I went in and had a chat to one of the ‘Travel Experts’ the other week about a possible route.

Good news! It is all possible.

So at the moment it is:

Los Angeles โ€“ could go to San Francisco/Las Vegas
Hong Kong
South Africa (possibly going into Namibia and Botswana)
Back to London

I was thinking about doing a bit of volunteering in Thailand with Elephant conservation – I’ve always been a bit of an elephant fan since I went out to South Africa a few years ago. Has anyone done this?

I was advised to do tours in Burma and India and have liked the idea of these:

Burma on a shoestring

India on a shoestring

Has anyone done these or can anyone recommend other places to go along my route?