So where do I start..?

To know what you want from life, you have to be honest with yourself. Otherwise you won’t get anywhere. In October last year, I was told by my partner’s grandmother, that “You have a pretty face, but you’re a bit fat, aren’t you?”. Although perhaps insulting, this blunt statement fueled a determination to eventually do something about my weight that I had been carrying far too long.

So I did it.

In 6 months, I shed 3 stone.

And I feel all the better for it. I guess the weight had started to creep on from University days – a  combination of cheap unhealthy food, too much alcohol, no exercise, and a lazy existence with the boyfriend at the time, who was also lazy. Looking back, I wish things had been different – I should have worked harder. I should have got off my a*rse. Hindsight is an amazing thing.

But if the comment hadn’t been made, I don’t know whether the determination to get healthy would have happened. So I should be thankful, I guess. It has changed my life for the better. I have taken up cycling and recently competed in a 55 mile event. I actually did about 70 miles in the end as I accidentally got lost. But on the plus side, I never dreamed that I would be able to have that sort of stamina. I wasn’t the fastest, and I don’t think I ever will be (I’m blaming the short legs and the heavy hybrid bike I have for this….obviously…) but this was such an improvement from a year ago when I was out of breath running for a bus.

I’ve signed up to do a couple of 100 mile events next year. Hopefully I can train for them! I need to bite the bullet and actually buy a road bike instead of telling myself I will at some point. I have to confess, I don’t like spending money on big things – I recently had to replace my boiler and that has knocked me financially a little bit! But it needed to happen.

I’ve got a bit of internal struggle going on at the moment with wanting to lose more weight, but have reached a plateau where it’s not quite happening. I know I’m an emotional eater, so because I’m annoyed and disappointed that I’m not losing any more, I’ll eat something and everything will turn into a downward spiral. Not sure how to get out of this one! I’m sure it’ll be ok in the end and the extra few pounds will go eventually. I guess I need another blunt statement.


I like to think so 😉
Something to think about
Definitely know that feeling!
Yes! BURN!
Know this feeling too!
Anything is possible

Well…here I am…

So here I sit writing my first post on my blog. I’ve dabbled in the world of Twitter, but found that I didn’t know what to say…and even more so, in just 140 characters. I’ve read that this is planning on getting reviewed (, but maybe this would no longer make Twitter as unique?

I’m not totally sure what my main goal to get out of blog writing is. But a few ideas:

  • To reawaken some creativity
  • To be able to confide in something or someone that wasn’t anyone I knew
  • To find myself whilst I go through a period of my life where things are changing

I also wanted to be able to express myself without any name or face to be attributed to me. I don’t know how well I will do at this complete anonymity thing but I’ll give it a go! It’s a bit exciting to be secret without being secret, if you know what I mean? A private person in a public place…..

So that means obviously avoiding the connection to Facebook and Twitter….obviously….